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Homemade's Favorite One Bowl Celebration Cake - September 23
Homemade's Favorite One Bowl Celebration Cake - September 23

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Homemade's Favorite One Bowl Celebration Cake - September 23

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After signing up, you’ll get a Zoom link as well as an ingredient list from our team. Shop for what you need at your local grocery and then join our chef on the day of the free cooking class. Questions about allergies or substitutions? You can always reach out to us in the days leading up to the event.

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Get exclusive access to more intimate, hands-on online cooking classes.Each recipe is totally customizable and they all fit a certain theme.

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Our chefs are professionally trained and have tons of experience to ensure they have the skillset and capability to host interactive, entertaining cooking classes just for you.

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Many of our online cooking classes wouldn’t be possible without our partners!
Learn more about each series and sign up for episodes below.

MoXie In The Kitchen

A new series from Homemade, SCANPAN & GLOBAL Cutlery

Relish x Homemade

Relish x Homemade

A live cooking series from Homemade & Relish

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