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EVENT DATE & TIME: Tuesday, October 5 @ 4pm PT / 7pm ET 

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  • When booking, select the number based on devices used, not how many people are watching.
  • **NOTE** This event may be recorded.
  • New Feature: Closed captioning is now available for all of our free cooking events! For more information, shoot us an email at support@withHomemade.com.
  • Zoom LogIn + Ingredient List: Provided in confirmation email, which you should receive approximately 30 minutes after registering. A reminder email with these details will be sent approximately 5 days ahead of the event - please make sure to check your spam if you can't find it!
  • Questions about the Recipe: For any questions leading up to the event (substitutions, etc.), reach out to Support@withHomemade.com. We'll put you in touch with the chef so you are ready to cook along in real time!

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