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How it Works

Before Class

Shortly after registering for any of our free cooking classes, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details you'll need for class. This includes the Zoom link and a link to the recipe & ingredients page. Note: If you sign up far in advance, the recipe page might not yet be populated with the full ingredient list. If so, be sure to revisit the recipe page again approximately one week ahead of the event!

We encourage you to shop for your ingredients ahead of time, so that you can cook along with our chefs and your fellow aspiring home cooks, in real time! A few days before class, we'll send a reminder email with the ingredients page link so you can prepare for class.

Please be sure that our emails, sent from, aren’t going to your spam box; we’d hate for you to miss anything important! And, don't forget to invite your friends to join you in class!

The Day of Class

Before you log in, it's best if you to pull out their ingredients and equipment. At the time of class, the chef will let you into the Zoom room, welcome everyone, lay out some ground rules and then...we get cooking!

After Class

You'll receive a thank you email the following weekday, which will include the link to the class recording and recommend some more free cooking classes coming up that you might enjoy!


How should I prepare for class?
Before each class, be sure to review the ingredient list & recipe for any prep work, grab your ingredients and set up a nice space where you can easily work in your kitchen and have your computer or other device visible. For the best experience, prep your ingredients ahead of time and pre-measure whenever possible! 
Should I plan for my camera to be on during the Zoom class?
Yes! We'd love to cook along with you in real time, ON CAMERA. The more folks interact, the more fun we'll have together!

I prefer not to turn on my video. Can I still join class?
Absolutely! While we strongly encourage you to participate on camera and cook along with us in order to maximize the experience, we are grateful for your presence either way. If you still prefer not to turn on your camera, you can still ask questions and interact throughout the event via the chat box.

Do I have to cook, or can I just watch? 
Cooking along is the most fun and the best way to really learn a new recipe. However, you can totally just watch and still have a great experience! A Homemade Class is like watching a live cooking show, but you get to ask all your questions in real life and interact with the chef directly.

Can friends and family join me in my kitchen?

Of course! If they can fit in your kitchen, they can fit on our screen. Alternatively, you can share the class registration page with them, and they can register to cook with you virtually, from their own kitchens.    

I am a terrible cook. Is Homemade still for me?
Totally for you! We welcome all skill levels, and love teaching newbies about kitchen basics and guiding principles for a lifetime of cooking. If you're a more experienced home cook, there’s always something to refine and new recipes to learn.

I am have an allergy or a dietary restriction. Can Homemade accommodate this?
We embrace all dietary needs and are here to help suggest any recipe swaps and substitutions to meet your diet.  You can always reach out to us in the days leading up to class at No question is a bad question!

What makes Homemade different from other Zoom cooking classes?
All of our Chefs are professionally trained and have extensive experience teaching home cooks. They are the experts when it comes to making a live, interactive and virtual cooking classes both approachable and entertaining! Our chefs are the best of the best.

Does Homemade offer private classes?
If our class schedule allows, we'd be happy to chat with you about a private cooking class. Please reach out to via email to discuss further.

How do I log into the Zoom meeting at the class start time?
There are a few ways to log in. For further help, CLICK HERE to visit the Zoom support website.
(1) Easiest Method: Click the the "Zoom Link" button in your confirmation email to head directly into the Zoom meeting. 
(2) Alternative Method: Enter the Zoom meeting link URL (provided in confirmation email) into your browser, or use the Meeting ID + Passcode provided if prompted. 

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