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New to our cooking clubs? You may have noticed our public class sizes grow dramatically over the last few months.  While we love our large events, we also wanted to make room for some smaller group settings, where folks can really get to know each other and see some familiar faces week after week. Each club meets virtually on the same day of the week for four consecutive weeks to cook together, lead by a Homemade chef. This month, the groups tap out at 60 people, so be quick to reserve your spot. BONUS: Our cooking clubs are fun for the whole family! As always, we welcome thoughts and suggestions at the end.

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Exclusive Online Cooking Clubs, with Homemade

Are you ready to learn dive deep into cooking, maybe focusing on a theme, a cuisine or both? Looking to learn to cook international foods from around the world?  Homemade is here to help! In addition to our free online cooking classes, we’re offering a unique series that allows you to choose a theme and join our chefs on a prescheduled, four-session virtual cooking club adventure! Part of what makes Homemade classes and clubs such a special experience is the way our chefs teach you how to cook. In addition to a high-caliber class that guides you every step of the way towards an amazing meal, our chefs are highly experienced teachers and entertainers! They have spent years on television and in front of students, making people laugh, helping students improve their skills, and teaching lessons that will serve them well in the future. Clubs are intimate and interactive, and our chefs are here to guide you.
If you’re ready to dive into our virtual cooking club series, check out our newest offerings and join our scheduled sessions today!

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