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Homemade is here to help you become a skilled chef with more than just our live virtual cooking classes! We also want to be your all-around resource for all things home cooking! Whether you’re looking for a recipe blog or posts that give you helpful kitchen tool tips, our expert team is here for you. Explore articles that share our knowledge in new and interesting ways when you make checking our home cooking blog part of your weekly routine!

Jessie’s Sausage Dressing

Jessie’s Sausage Dressing

“Growing up, our holiday table was always huge, like 20+ people!  My favorite dish on the table was the “Sausage Stuffing.”  We called it stuffing though we never actually stuffed the bird . . . 
Our Favorite “F” Words

Our Favorite “F” Words

Very few word combinations evoke as much warmth and joy as Football, Friends, Family, Fans, and Food.  Along with everything else in the world, football is looking a bit different this year. 
Inadvertent Guinea Pigs - Homemade

Inadvertent Guinea Pigs

We launched Homemade during a pandemic.  Gutsy right?  Co-founders Joel and Ben had the idea of hosting live virtual cooking events, and the world needed it now more than ever (tired of that phrase yet?).  
Long Distance Relationships Suck - Homemade

Long Distance Relationships Suck

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?  Not a sappy romantic once necessarily, but any relationship that is tested by miles.
Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team - Homemade

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team

The pumpkin patches are filling up, it is now acceptable to light the fall candles without judgement, and the pumpkin lattes are flowing from the drive-thru windows.  You know what that means, the holiday season is upon us. 
Are you Zoomed out? - Homemade

Are you Zoomed out?

Do your Zoom calls look like a dismal checkerboard of defeated faces?  Are your clever business puns falling flat over muted microphones?  

Celebrity Chefs Help You Cook at Home

Yes, our chefs are renowned experts who have cooked on television and in world-famous restaurants, but they also cook for their friends and family at home! When it comes to home cooking, all of our chefs have unique insights that can make your experience so much more enjoyable. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a chore when your backup is a celebrity chef!

We offer so many ways to learn, from joining our free classes and booking a private event to just browsing our home cooking blog for recipes and ideas! Some of the articles you’ll see on the blog include:

  • Holiday Menus
  • Individual Recipes
  • Chef Tips & Advice
  • Knife Guides
  • Current Events

We try and relate to what you’re going through, so we can better meet your needs when cooking at home. From learning new things during a pandemic to figuring out how to deal with your daily kitchen messes, the Homemade home cooking blog is here for you! Find answers to your basic cooking questions, discover new recipes to try, and learn more about the best tools for all your cooking needs at Homemade today!

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