Valentine's Day 2021, what are your plans?

Valentine's Day 2021, what are your plans?

This Valentine’s Day may look different from years past.  Many of us are (sadly) foregoing the romantic dinner in a quaint little restaurant, the annual pub crawl with your pals, or favorite wine bar with your gals. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we just have to celebrate differently this time!  

If you’re looking for an intimate evening, book a private, live, virtual cooking event with one of our incredible Homemade Chefs.   Maybe you’re in the mood to party with a bigger group, no prob, the more the merrier!  Book your event, work with your Chef to plan your menu, and cook together in real time for a memorable Valentine’s experience.

If you REALLY want to party, check out our FREE, live, virtual, Valentine’s cooking events - there are several to choose from.  We’re making:

Head over to to check out all your Valentine’s options . . . and beyond.  Join us for any (or all!) of these events!  This Valentine’s Day may be less than traditional, but together we, you, and the people you love can make the most of it.  We can’t wait to cook with you!  

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Reasons to Celebrate!


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