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Date Night Cooking Classes

There’s an old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, at Homemade, we believe that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach! Everybody needs food to survive, but there’s something about good food that reminds you of just how amazing life can be. When you decide to learn how to cook something great with your significant other, you have an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, create new memories, and enjoy a tasty meal based on your mutual love of food.

Couples who cook together stay together. We’ve hosted enough couples cooking classes to know! Whether you’re considering a date night cooking class or you just want to learn the basics so you can cook together all the time, learn more about some of the benefits of online cooking classes for couples here!

Working Together

Many couples like to divvy up the responsibilities of living together. One cooks while the other cleans to maintain a happy household. But splitting up tasks eliminates the possibility of spending quality time with your significant other. You’re a team, and you should have each other’s backs!

You don’t have to do every little chore together, but try a couples cooking class to see what it’s like to get in the kitchen at the same time and have a good time!


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You might not think it, but working in tandem in the kitchen can enhance communication in all areas of your life. You won’t be able to cooperate smoothly in the kitchen if you aren’t communicating your needs at any point during the cooking process. Whether you need a hand grabbing the salt or there are two simultaneous tasks that must be done together, being able to express yourself clearly means a successful meal.

Online cooking classes for couples could be the first step towards healthier communication. Practicing this ability in the kitchen makes it easier to talk about your needs outside of the kitchen, too. Strong communication skills are critical to forming a healthy relationship with your partner and make working through life’s hurdles that much easier.

Learn More About Your Partner

When you’re having fun together preparing a meal, you have a new opportunity to get to know your significant other. You can talk about your earliest cooking memories, share old family recipes, talk about baking fails, and learn more about favorite foods and drinks.

Even a couples cooking class where others are present could reveal something about your partner that you didn’t know before! Have they always wanted to try an authentic exotic dish? Maybe that’s your inspiration for your next anniversary getaway! Are they an expert at one particular dish their grandmother taught them to make? Have them teach you how to make it and pass on the knowledge!

Save Money

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You might think that every date night needs to be out at a restaurant, but that’s going to hurt your wallet eventually. A couples cooking class is way cheaper and provides you the skills you need to create restaurant-quality meals at home any time you want. Whether you want to decrease your financial burden or speak your partner’s love language through quality time together, date night cooking classes are the perfect way to do it!

Have Fun at Home

A cooking class with Homemade is a unique and fun experience. All of our chefs are professional cooks and entertainers with years of experience guiding home cooks through making fantastic meals. You’ll laugh, you’ll make memories, and at the end of it all, you’ll end up with a home-cooked meal that you made together. We know our online cooking classes for couples are a blast because we have people coming back again and again. PS - we've got a few more gift ideas to upgrade your time at home together!

Check Out Our Weekly Events

Homemade offers free weekly cooking classes that explore many different dishes. If you want to hone your cooking skills, practice a specific dish, or have your weekly date night, sign up for a class with us! Choose your class, prep your groceries, and discover the joy of cooking together!

Do you have any questions about our free cooking classes or subscription platform? Reach out to us any time through our online form.

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