Our Favorite “F” Words

Our Favorite “F” Words

Football Food Ideas

Very few word combinations evoke as much warmth and joy as Football, Friends, Family, Fans, and Food. Everyone loves a football party! Along with everything else in the world, football is looking a bit different this year. There was debate as to whether the 2020 football season would start on time or even start at all. Luckily, football is back, kinda. So, what’s changed, and how can Homemade help you get through it? Check out what football looks like now as well as some of our fun football food ideas here.

What’s Going On With Football?

Teams are in “bubbles,” keeping themselves isolated from the outside, COVID-ridden world purely for our entertainment (and their massive paychecks, let’s be honest). Despite their efforts, we’re still seeing cases and cancellations. If you dabble in fantasy football, we’re sorry for your loss, and if you own(ed) OBJ, just quit now.

When there are games, the football stadiums are a weird place. The stands are empty, but miraculously the invisible crowd reacts to touchdowns and bad calls through our TVs. Who has that job of watching the game and operating the crowd soundtrack for every play? Maybe the NFL dug up somebody from the 1990’s sitcom laugh track industry.

Why We Love Football

What makes football great at home is people — your sports-loving, same jersey-wearing friends and family screaming at the tv right alongside you. Football fans miss that. If we want company for football outside the folks in our home, we’re watching together virtually (meh). Some are just watching football alone if you don’t count the fake fans in the stands.

Football is attempting to bring people together through sports, but the entire experience falls flat if you can’t do it with your team’s loyal following. Football parties are nonexistent. Friends, family, and fans are getting hit pretty hard this season outside of football, and now we can barely count on football to be our pick-me-up.

Food & Football

One way you can still create the perfect football viewing party — even alone — is with football food ideas. Food is our favorite “F” word because it’s always there for us. It comforts us, nourishes us, entertains us, and connects us. Stadium food was the best. Sure, it can cost you your firstborn, but that liquid cheese was totally worth it. Now, we’re football snacking at home and alone.

What used to seem like a task — assigning snacks for people to bring — is a step in the football-watching process we now miss! There’s always the friend who can only handle bringing a bag of chips… because dip is totally overwhelming. But it’s ok, because we all have that chefy friend who delivers their A-game with unique football food ideas every time.

Food is the epicenter of the football-watching experience, so if you’re cursing your lack of friends and family this season, change it up with this list of football food ideas:

  • Roast Beef Sliders
  • Enchiladas
  • Nachos
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Pigs in a Blanket

Homemade cooking events can’t save football, they can’t cure COVID, they can’t put people back in your family room, but in these crazy times, they can be a helluva lot of fun! Sign up for a private event or test out some of these football food ideas and make deliveries to friends and family right before a game starts. Watch together, munch together, and cheer together...apart!

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