Long Distance Relationships Suck

Long Distance Relationships Suck - Homemade

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?  Not a sappy romantic one necessarily, but any relationship that is tested by miles.  They get a bad rap.  They’re difficult.  Certainly the latest and greatest technology offers us ways to connect but no amount of technology can replace a hug from your Mom, a killer collaboration sesh with a co-worker, or a kiss from your sweets.  The human connection is made mostly through physical presence and interaction.  When we lack that interaction, the relationship starts to fall flat if we’re not careful about how and how often we connect.      

Lately we’ve all been forced into long distance relationships, like it or not.  Some of you may be experienced pros at the whole thing.  Others, especially you extroverts, are struggling, craving fellow humans that don’t live under your roof.  We’re seeing introverts divided on the subject.  Some are realizing they actually do want to be around other people, and others are basking in the glory of minimal interactions and halted social calendars.  No matter where you fall on this spectrum, most of us are experiencing a new norm and maintaining relationships is in a fragile place.    

Regardless of distance, we have to find new ways to connect, we need to reinvent the long distance relationship.  Break free from the preconceived notion that long distance  relationships won’t work.  Now, they have to work.  We must make them work or we’re all going to end up in a pretty lonely place.  And if you’re already there, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, we’re in this together.  Let’s start with making a list of the top five people you miss the most.  Make it a point to reach out and connect with them at some point this week.  Promise?  Check in on them, make sure they’re ok, set up a  video chat, sign up for a virtual event to do together, virtual date night, play a card game, anything new.  We’re talking more than just an email or text guys . . . relationships cannot sustain on digital words that you can’t feel and hear.  Start small, then maybe next week pick five more people.  We’ve got to look out for one another.  A relationship is two sided, and if both sides make a legitimate effort to stay connected, it can be unbroken and not suck.                   

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