Kids in Your Kitchen!

Kids in Your Kitchen!

It’s not always easy incorporating your kids in the kitchen, especially if you’re shuffling to get a meal on the table.  First off, kudos for taking time to get a home cooked meal on the table (or don’t stress if that’s not your jive most nights).  We recently asked some of our special Homemade Moms if they had any tips when it comes to kids, kitchens, and cooking!


"When you have a teenage daughter you learn to appreciate the moments they want to spend time with you . Baking is one of those things that bonds together Isabella and I . In our quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, we have a hack right before backing so the cookies are soft . . . dip the bottom of a glass into water, then lightly press on top of a ball of cookie dough."⁣ - Yamila, Director of Sales

Homemade Mom

"I have a toddler and it is important to me that we eat our meals together. I know that curve balls get thrown and this isn't always possible, but carving out time to prioritize at least one meal a day where we sit together and eat and chat and giggle is a great first step to creating healthy eating habits, not just for baby, but for this mama too!" - Chef Ryan

Beet Rice

“My girls and I like to experiment with fun colored foods, like rice that’s naturally colored with roasted and pureed beets. The dish takes on a gorgeous color and the excitement of preparing and eating  something hot pink gets them super excited about food . . . if only we could top it with edible glitter, that’s Mom of the Year material right there!⁣”  - Jessie, Lead Copywriter

Kirby Cookies

“It’s hard for me to not be super chefy in the kitchen, even with my own family. I want to instill a love of creating and cooking in my son, so I make a conscious effort to do a little extra prep when I cook with him. I do some of the steps I know he’s not into and let him do the fun stuff. He loves to roll maki and pipe macarons... so I keep the prep light, fun and yummy . . . that’s the goal! I’ve learned he’ll naturally ask about the other steps!”⁣ - Chef Renee

Kitchen Mom

So whether you’re making time to be together, looking for a family activity, or simply a fun way to enjoy food together . . . any effort to get kids in the kitchen and into cooking and eating is well worth time.  And if you find yourself stumped with ways to get in the kitchen with your kiddos . . . you know where we’re goin’ with this.  Check out our weekly FREE Homemade cooking classes.  Our virtual cooking events are super kid friendly and fun for the whole family to get in the kitchen and cook together!  Check out the latest calendar!

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