Inadvertent Guinea Pigs

Inadvertent Guinea Pigs - Homemade

Cooking Jobs

We launched Homemade during a pandemic. Gutsy right? Co-founders Joel and Ben had the idea of hosting live virtual cooking events to create more cooking jobs and provide people with entertainment and education. It turns out the world needed the idea of Homemade now more than ever (tired of that phrase yet?). The concept is successful with or without the pandemic, but launching during this time further validated the need for people to connect with one another and be comforted by those around them, even if they must do so virtually. You don’t need a pandemic to make you miss family and friends, but it sure does shine a spotlight on that longing. Little did we know that our budding chef team needed Homemade just as much as the rest of the world.

Who We Are

Our chef team is made up of past co-workers, old friends, family, and few strangers that immediately felt like friends. We are a beautifully motley crew with diverse backgrounds, and each took a different path to get where we are today, part of the Homemade family. Every single one of us brings something to the table that keeps the cogs behind Homemade cranking strong, every damn day. That’s how we started, and that’s how we’ll continue.

Our Passion

Since inception, we worked for many months, ironing out all the business intricacies, legal mumbo jumbo, defining our mission and strategy . . . and Zooming our faces off.  However, we were passionate about this from day one, no matter how hard the work. Then we got to piloting our virtual cooking events. First, just among our team, then with friends and family. The response was overwhelming! We were finally convinced that Homemade was going to be successful at bringing people together and lifting them up through cooking.

Lifting Our Spirits

What we didn’t realize was that throughout the process of building Homemade and helping others, we were also coming together and lifting each other up. We needed Homemade and proved a need for Homemade, before the world even knew about how we started. Developing Homemade with this incredible team was more than just launching a brand. Homemade put chefs back to work doing what they love, and gave recently furloughed and laid off individuals a job that they are passionate about.

Homemade brought our team together in a time when seeing friends is hard and making new ones is nearly impossible. Together, we are capable of great things. The backbone of Homemade is strong, and the best is yet to come! Join us in free weekly events and private classes to see what we’re all about!

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