A Few Things (Besides Cooking Skills) You’ll Gain From Online Cooking Classes

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Benefits of Cooking with Us

When you join Homemade for our virtual cooking classes, you gain so much more than basic cooking skills. True, our chefs teach you how to make the best possible versions of all your favorites, but there’s much more we have to offer. From basic life skills to engaging with others, learn more about the benefits of cooking you’ll learn to treasure through our online classes today!

1. It’s Entertainment

Everyone needs a break from work, school, or taking care of the kids. That’s where entertainment comes in. Whether you love heading to the movies, hanging at a bar with some friends, or rocking out at a concert, you’re probably feeling a bit short on things to do, watch, and experience. When you join the free weekly classes from Homemade, one of the benefits of cooking with us is that our chefs put on a real show just for you.

As they’re teaching you how to make a particular dish, they’re also making you laugh, telling you a story, and making you feel like you’re on a famous cooking show! Who wants to watch Food Network when you can feel like you’re on it?

2. Getting Social

Lindsay Leopold posing with cooking tools

During a time when socializing can be especially difficult, a virtual cooking class with Homemade is the perfect way to get your dose of people while staying totally safe. Improve your cooking skills and hang out with friends and family through our private cooking classes. Do you prefer to meet new people? Our weekly sessions are the perfect place to make friends! The benefits of cooking with us allow you to socialize and improve your health!

Improve Your Mental Health

Socializing can definitely improve your emotional and mental health. Tons of studies show how seeing your friends or talking with people, in general, can reduce depression and make people feel less lonely.

Reduce Blood Pressure

You thought mental health was the only benefit of cooking with us? Wrong! One of our virtual cooking classes could be the key to lowering your blood pressure. Did you know that loneliness is actually a risk factor for higher blood pressure? Defeat loneliness when you join a full class of people ready to chat, cook, and celebrate!

Promote Your Purpose

Many people are searching for purpose in their lives. In this time of quarantining, social distancing, and isolation, many people are struggling to achieve something meaningful. When you socialize, you start to realize that your life has a greater purpose, and you make a difference just by being alive.

3. Cooking at Home

Once you’ve completed enough of our free sessions, you might realize that you can do anything in the kitchen. Experimenting with new dishes and putting your cooking skills to the test encourages you to cook at home.

Saving Money

A major benefit of cooking at home is saving money. If you were to calculate a comparison between eating out for every meal and cooking at home for every meal, you’ll realize that you could be saving around $10 per person per meal! Most meals at a restaurant cost between $15-$20 per person, but you can shop smart and create a meal at home for just $5! If you’re thinking that fast food is cheaper than cooking at home, you might be right, but that Wendy’s burger isn’t as healthy or as delicious as what you can create at home.

Eating Healthier

Many people don’t realize that the reason everything tastes so good at a restaurant is because it’s full of butter, sugar, and salt. Eating out all the time means you’re eating many more calories than you should. However, the benefit of cooking at home means you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Learning Essential Life Skills

Besides the actual ingredients that go into a recipe, attending a virtual class with us teaches you so many life skills. Our classes could teach you different knife techniques to make chopping and cutting easier, how to make dressings and sauces from scratch, and how to make healthier decisions with your ingredients.

4. Saving the Planet

Renee Gabbett garnishing a dish

A major benefit of cooking with Homemade is that you’re taking part in our mission to save the planet. We’ve partnered with The Nature Conservancy to donate as much as possible to their Earth-saving efforts. Every time you choose to donate during one of our classes, all of the money goes directly to The Nature Conservancy! They use the funds to tackle climate change, protect our natural resources, provide sustainable food and water to communities around the globe, build healthy cities, and so much more!

Have you thought of other ways our cooking classes have benefited you? Let us know in the comments!

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