Cooking Classes for Corporate | 6 Ways A Cooking Class Helps You Bond

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The Perfect Team Building Events

You’ve got a team that deserves to have some fun and bond outside of a work environment. While you can host a group get-together at a local bar or restaurant, there are other team-building events that are much more engaging and effective. If you want your staff to develop strong interpersonal connections to become more cohesive and productive, a cooking class could be one of the best virtual team-building activities for your office! Learn more about how a cooking session with Homemade can build bonds, improve collaboration, and facilitate problem-solving in a way that translates from the kitchen to the office!

  1. More Teamwork

    When you book a corporate cooking class as a team-building event, you will find that collaboration and communication are key to creating a delicious meal. Cooking lays the foundation for teamwork as each person will play a crucial part in the finished dish (similar to a massive, multi-person/department project).

  2. Connect with Remote Employees


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    Since many cooking classes are taught online, these virtual team-building activities can include your remote employees as well! It’s not unusual for a company to have a decentralized work environment with team members all over the world. Some departments never work together, meaning there are people your staff won’t ever get to know! Through this type of team-building event, you’re bringing together employees that may never interact in real life.

    A face-to-face cooking class in which everyone joins with a virtual video brings everyone together and provides them a chance to get to know each other better, fostering even more trust and communication.

  3. Learn New Skills

    With fast food and delivery making the kitchen nearly obsolete, fewer and fewer people are learning how to cook. When you choose a cooking class as your team-building event, you’re helping your staff learn something with skills that translate into other aspects of their life. A cooking class teaches people to read and understand recipes, prepare and measure ingredients, and follow general food safety guidelines. The patience and attention to detail that cooking demands can directly benefit your work environment, ensuring your team is more careful and considerate with their projects.

  4. Social Hangouts Sans Work Talk

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    When you’re hanging out with co-workers, talk inevitably turns to the job. But, that’s not always a good thing. Talking about work outside of work can increase stress and create negative associations with coworkers. Keep your team’s minds on socializing with non-work topics in a cooking class where their sole focus is the food. Now, your team can engage with each other as people instead of as colleagues. You want your team-building event to help your staff understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses from another perspective.

  5. Inspire Creativity

    Innovating is an integral part of every profession. You constantly want to stay ahead of the competition, streamline work processes, and increase productivity. When you foster creativity in a cooking team-building event, people get excited! Cooking is a creative experience that encourages people to think differently. Your team will get inspired and empowered to share their ideas in and out of the kitchen.

    As your employees are cooking together, they’ll find themselves having unique conversations that may give them an unusual outlook on their position with your organization. A new idea may emerge that can transform your entire industry!

Cooking & Team Building

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Virtual team-building activities, like online cooking classes, can really make a difference to your team in and out of the workplace. When your team cooks together, they’re cooking up far more than just good food! They’re generating inventive ideas and building bonds with everyone on the team. Incorporate cooking classes into your team-building retreats and discover how they can help make your staff a tighter-knit group that works better together.

Book With Us

Book a cooking class for your next team-building event through Homemade and customize every aspect of the experience. Choose your chef, personalize your menu, and talk about alternative ingredients for anyone with sensitivities and allergies. Homemade chefs have years of experience entertaining and teaching classes of all levels. Join our experts in a virtual cooking class and enjoy a new type of team-building activity!

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