Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team

Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team - Homemade

Virtual Holiday Activities

The pumpkin patches are filling up, and it’s now acceptable to light the fall candles without judgment. Leaves are falling, and pumpkin lattes are flowing from the drive-thru windows. You know what that means; the holiday season is upon us! We go from pumpkins to heart-shaped boxes of crappy chocolates in the blink of an eye. This holiday season will look different because the world won’t be celebrating in the same way. Families, friends, and co-workers, our holiday celebrations with the ones closest to us will be wonky.

At Homemade, we want to help you think up unique virtual holiday activities that still brighten up everyone’s season. Read more to design your virtual holiday celebration and keep your team happy!

In the Past

In past years, maybe your team did a potluck, everybody bringing their favorite dishes from home. Perhaps your team picked names for the classic White Elephant gift exchange (somehow, you always get Karen). Some of you do it up super fancy, renting spaces at restaurants or hotels, getting all dressed up, and bringing a date to show you have a life outside of work.

No matter how you gathered in the past, gathering will definitely look different this holiday season. To help you out, we did a bit of research on how teams plan to celebrate virtual holiday activities safely together.

Our Top Ideas

Since Homemade does nearly everything online, we’re a goldmine of virtual holiday activity ideas. Check out our favorites here:

Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt - Once everyone is decorated for the season, no matter what they celebrate, host a virtual scavenger hunt where your team has to run around their house and find stuff. “First one to show a holiday craft they made as a kid wins!” Oh, the number of popsicle stick snowflakes you’ll see — so cute!

Virtual Murder Mystery Party - We know, we know, some people find these uber cheesy, but if you’ve got nothing better to do, this virtual holiday activity could be a lot of fun. You can find a pre-canned murder mystery online or have an aspiring writer on your team run the show. Plan a virtual holiday celebration murder party and go find your magnifying glass!

Virtual Cooking Event - At Homemade, you can book an epic virtual cooking event. We’re putting chefs back to work and bringing teams together through our private events. Sound interesting? Learn more about the experience or drop us a note, and we can talk about your event.

Virtual Ugly Sweater Party - Everyone’s favorite! Grab a cocktail and put on your ugliest holiday sweater. It’d be fun if everyone logged on with their sweater covered and revealed one by one while your team sits in judgment — maybe even give an e-gift card for the “winner.”

Virtual Desktop Decorating Contest - Who can squeeze the most cheer into their square on the screen? This could be the gaudiest Zoom call on the planet, but we’re totally in! Challenge accepted!

Spend the Holidays Together

These are just a few virtual holiday activities to keep your team partying through the holiday season safely. Do you have any virtual gathering ideas to replace the ‘ol office holiday party?  We’ve got a lot of time and many reasons to celebrate between now and the crappy chocolates, and we’d love to hear how you are celebrating.

Stay safe and take care, The Team at Homemade.

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