Are you Zoomed out?

Are you Zoomed out? - Homemade

Do your Zoom calls look like a dismal checkerboard of defeated faces?  Are your clever business puns falling flat over muted microphones?  It’s tough to replicate bustling conference rooms and life around the water cooler from tiny virtual boxes on a screen.  It’s isolating.  Employees are feeling it.  They’re missing office life, colleagues, teams, mentors, and free coffee.

You’ve probably tried the pandemic approved, obligatory, virtual happy hours, but that’s getting old.  So, how do you solve the Zoom gloom?  It’s not going anywhere, but we can leverage Zoom to re-engage your employees and regain the synergy of January 2020.  

No worries, we’re here to help you trick up your Zooming!  We put our feelers out there to see how creative teams are elevating their gatherings to a whole new level.  Here is a list of our favorites:

  • Talent Show - Surely your employees have a secret talent that hasn’t come out in a prior office setting.  Any jugglers out there?  
  • Virtual Tours - Does your team share the love for a movie or tv show?  Some companies are offering virtual group tours of sets.  For example, there’s a Harry Potter tour and an Outlander tour that seem to be pretty popular.  Geek out together!  
  • Pet Parade - Bring your creatures to work day (though this might already be happening, but on this day you don’t have to shush them).  
  • Virtual Cooking Event - Gather the team for a virtual cooking event, you can even start with a cocktail.  Here at Homemade, we’re proud to be able to host these private virtual events.  We’re putting chefs back to work and helping to bring people together, safely.      
  • Book Club - Pick a book, everybody read the book, and tawk amongst yourselves.   
  • Teach Me Something - Does someone on your team have a special skill they could teach the team?  Even grown-ups can be schooled virtually.  

We’re in this together guys.  We need to do whatever we can do to keep each other sane.  If you have a great idea to share, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your ideas with us and help encourage any team feeling the Zoom gloom to get creative and gather safely and creatively, together..  

Take care,

The Team at Homemade

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